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A Retreat with J.R.R Tolkien and The Lord of the Rings - by Fr. Timothy M. Gallagher, O.M.V.
In this retreat, Fr. Gallagher explores themes from J.R.R...
$ 20.00
All of Grace - by Rosalind Moss
Numerous Evangelical objections to the Mother of God diss...
$ 12.00
Blaise Pascal and the New Evangelization
Renowned Catholic philosopher Peter Kreeft speaks on Blai...
$ 7.00
Case for Ressurection
(3 Disc Collection) By Fr. Roger Landry When Christ arose f...
$ 15.00
Church History - Fr. Gregory Lockwood
15 CD Collection Fr. Lockwood gives an extensive overview...
$ 49.95
Commandments: Are they Law or Love?
Single Audio CD By Fr. Rick Arkfeld
$ 5.00
Death of a Child
Single Audio CD By Fr. Rick Arkfeld
$ 6.00
Divine Mercy Congress 2013 (6 CD Set)
2013 Divine Mercy Congress in Hollywood CA All 6 Talks gi...
$ 30.00
Faith Alive Evangelization Mini-Conference!
Our Lady of the Pillar Catholic Church Presents: Faith Al...
$ 12.00
Faith in Difficult Times
by Sister Rosalind Moss Single Audio CD
$ 8.00
Fatherhood and Freedom
By Anthony Esolen Recorded at Crown Plaza, St. Louis MO
$ 7.00