Online Registration for Grafting Queen Bees Class

10am - 4pm January 26, 2019, Saturday, at the Hampton YMCA located on 1 YMCA Way, Hampton, Virginia. 

$35 Registration Fee + $1 Online processing fee. 

(Registration price refundable until Jan 19, 2019.  Online processing fee is non-refundable). 


Topics covered will include: stimulus for queen rearing in a hive, timing of queen rearing, stock selection, grafting tools and other equipment, preparing the colony, graftign techniques and mating nuc setup.  The 6 hour class includes lecture, lunch and a small grafting kit, which is valued at $15.  Contact Ruth Meredith at if you have questions.


For mail in registration via personal check, please return to this link:


Price: $36.00   Quantity: